13 October

1505 Antonio Abbondi was appointed superintendent of the reconstruction of the Fondaco dei Tedeschi, (Venice), from the model of Girolamo Tedesco

1759 birth of Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras

1892 death of August Ottmar Essenwein

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Moravian Pottery and Tile Works     1910
Fonthill     1912

let's hear your architecture haiku
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MVRDVs Serpentine
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Jimmy Venturi's new website...
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beach reads
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the trajectory of the abstract animal in thirds
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Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
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The Sydney Opera House by Jørn Utzon Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary
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12 October
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Bilbao Battleship
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Humanizing street design with 'shared space'
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12 October
...whole sections of Pewter Wings Golden Horns Stone Veils have now opened up...

021013a Venue with "Primarily Not Duchamp" model   2289i01

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let's hear your architecture haiku
the designers think
they design good looking stuff
tuition said so

2005.10.13 13:41
Jimmy Venturi's new website...
Was Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture really "earth shattering?" Did it really change architectural history?
I was only 10 years old when C&C was published so I can't give any personal experience as to what happened then, but a few years ago someone at design-l wrote that "nobody read that precious book back then. Go and read the [bad?] reviews it got." I haven't checked out any of the reviews, but they are certainly a legitimate part of the continuum. C&C was not in the adult section of my local free library in 1972, but it was at the Northeast (Philadelphia) Regional library, and I can still remember seeing it for the first time. It looked "foreign" to me, clinical even, and once I started reading it, it just got worse--first sentence: "This is not an easy book," and that remained true for me in 1972. I bought my own copy of C&C at MoMA in 1975 (now a first year architecture student), and I started reading it again. I mentioned my reading to one of my teachers, Maria Romanach (daughter of Mario Romanach, sometime supplier of Cuban cigars to Mies van der Rohe), and she said, "Yeah, but you don't want to design that way!"
So, how many architects have since Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture designed:
nonstraightforward architecture
ambiguous architecture
complex and contradictory architecture vs. simple and picturesque architecture
"both-and" architecture
double-functioning element architecture
contradiction adapted architecture
contradiction juxtaposed architecture
different outside and inside architecture
difficult whole architecture
Are any of the above "architectures" really discussed when Post-Modern Architecture is discussed?
Charles Jencks published The Language of Post-Modern Architecture in 1977.
October 1977, the cover of Progressive Architecture looked almost exactly like this:

and the copy-cats were now uncontrollably out of the bag. I remember professors in school being literally afraid that students would start doing the same thing.

2005.10.13 14:40
Jimmy Venturi's new website...
To further flesh out the continuum, I was at MoMA in 1975 to see:
The Architecture of the École des Beaux-Arts
an exhibition presented at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, October 29, 1975-January 4, 1976.
Funny time those Seventies.

Benoît Loviot, Parthenon (cross-section, restored, 1880), detail.

2008.10.13 23:45
beach reads
"Hey, did you hear the one about another Colonial Williamsburg in Arabia?"

2008.10.13 23:59
the trajectory of the abstract animal in thirds
"All the world's a next stage."

2010.10.13 11:23
Le Corbusier a Nazi simpathizer?
"Art fears neither dictators nor repression; nor yet conservatism and cliché. If required, art can be narrowly religious or crudely statist; it can strip itself of all individuality and still retain its greatness. Art is flexible enough to fit into every Procrustean bed proffered by history . . ."
Andrei Sinyavsky
Start talking about the art [architecture] involved and see what happens.
Anyone here remember damnatio memoriae?
Or is it "how soon they forget" to forget?
What's next?
Actually, there is no "law of silence" subject heading within wikipedia. Perhaps someone should fix that. Perhaps even someone who has personal experience with...
"Hey, shut up! Or else!"
"And as for you all, You must stop listening to that!"

2014.10.13 17:38
Bilbao Battleship
Reminds me of an exhibit I'm putting together right now. Entitled:
Equal Treatment: What business is this of yours? And what business do you have bringing it up publicly?

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