11 November

308 Diocletian, Maximian and Galerius meet at Carnuntum (near Vienna) to resolve the embroiled tetrarchy

1506 Jean le Texier contracted with the chapter of the cathedral of Chartres to rebuild the northern spire of that edifice, according to a design on parchment which he that day exhibited

1810 birth of Hector Martin Lefuel

Kahn as anti-modernist
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German-Hungarian Club
St. Michael's Catholic Church     1847
Options Lighting Company
St. John's Episcopal Church     1815

more vehicles than roads?
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things architecturalized
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The End of Boxes
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It rocked Eisenman on his chair...
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atemporality at work?
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Why won't you design what we (the public) want?
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7 November
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Louis I. Kahn, AFL Medical Service Plan Building, 1954-56 (demolished).

1999.11.11 10:38
Kahn as anti-modernist
From what I remember, one of the Kahn buildings analyzed in McBride's article is the AFL Medical Service Plan Building 1954-56. Unfortunately, this building was demolished in 1973, and doubly unfortunate because the building was indeed unusual in terms of how we remember Kahn's work. Looking at photographs of the building now, it appears latter-day 1990s--kind of Koolhaas, kind of Herzog & de Meuron--but pure Kahn (of the 1950s) nonetheless. The AFL building is a little after Kahn's Yale Art Gallery (1950-53), but seems prescient of Kahn's Yale Center for British Art (1969-74) (across the street from the Yale Art Gallery).
Maybe Kahn as anti-modern really means that Kahn was (as is often the case) ahead of his time.
Kahn's AFL Medical Service Plan Building was in Philadelphia, on the south side of the 1300 block of Vine Street.

011111a Basilica Sessorianum plan model perspective   2070i01

2007.11.11 16:10
The End of Boxes
Conjecture: Kiesler's Endless House project may well have inspired the 'blob' elements within Le Corbusier's Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti at Rho-Milan for there are more endless-house-like elements within the Olivetti Center design.

2007.11.11 17:30
The End of Boxes
from Oeuvre Complète, Vol. 7:

The design is an interesting combination of box, blob and mat.

11111101 Silent Witnesses plans




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