22 November

1463 Domenico Gagini mentioned in a contract for a monument erected in the church of the convent of S. Francesco, Palermo

1697 death of Liberal Bruant

1852 death of Jean Jacques Marie Huvé

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Your Ignorance is Inexcusable
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watching old architects talk to each other
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22 November
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22 November
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Your Ignorance is Inexcusable
"It is no accident that the New in the arts always announces itself in the guise of a revival, Hadid's career starts with the reinterpretation of Malevich's Teltonik, and her early work has indeed been (mis-)understood as neo-Constructivism. In a similar fashion, Peter Eisenman is said to take off from early Le Corbusier and Terragni. Revivalist appropriation is the easiest and most immediate option to articulate dissatisfaction and resistance towards a dominant practice. However, this has nothing to do with repetition. For instance, to pick up the unfinished projects of modernism on the back of postmodernism cannot be simple re-enactment, even if one initially works with direct citations."
--Patrik Schumacher, "Mechanism of Radical Innovation" in Zaha Hadid Complete Works: Texts and References. p. 65.
Is there even such a thing as simple reenactment?

2005.11.22 11:50
Your Ignorance is Inexcusable
pastiche 1 : a dramatic, literary, or musical piece openly imitating the previous works of other artists, often with satirical intent   2 : a pasticcio of incongruous parts; a hodgepodge
Reenactment and pastiche are not the same thing.
Reenactment, as a historiographic methodology, involves an imitation of the source event in order to better understand the source event and then learn from there. Reenactment as a design methodology works the same way.
Disney-fication is pastiche 1 without the satire.
Contemporary avant garde architecture in virtually any established setting unwittingly generates pastiche 2.

2007.11.22 11:43
Architecture Movies
The acting now seems dated, even comical, while the Interiors still appear timely.

09112202 ICM
09112203 ICM Domus Salust

10112201 ICM Porticus Pompejanae

11112201 St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert axonometric perspectives (scaled 2,3,1)

12112201 mesh surfaces city blocks within IQ3 50' high opaque off
12112202 trial axonometric mesh surface city blocks
12112203 axonometric of mech surface city blocks view -600030




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