28 November

1680 death of Gianlorenzo Bernini

1787 birth of Pascal-Xavier Coste

1848 death of Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler
1893 death of General Sir Alexander Cunningham

perhaps not OTHERWISE EYES, but promenade architecturale
2000.11.28     3123l 3770d 3788 5014

Re: eHomes
2001.11.28 11:21     3765

REVEALED: Bjarke Ingelsí Brand New High Line Towers
2015.11.28 08:25     3313e 3706g

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.11.28)

07112801 Calder Museum Duchamp Inn plans model

iq04mod IQ04 Philadelphia model
iq05mod IQ05 Philadelphia model
iq06mod IQ06 Philadelphia model
iq07mod IQ07 Philadelphia model
iq08mod IQ08 Philadelphia model
iq09mod IQ09 Philadelphia model
iq10mod IQ10 Philadelphia model
iq11mod IQ11 Philadelphia model
iq12mod IQ12 Philadelphia model

14112801 Dresdner Bank site plan image attached
14112802 Dresdner Bank site plan

15112801   House for KFSchinkel 03 District Q plan   2239i21




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