29 November

1379 Simone Talenti finished all the carvings on the piers and brackets of the Loggia dei Lanzi (Florence)

1711 Germain Boffrand was made chief architect of the Duke of Lorraine at Nancy

1803 birth of Gottfried Semper

Wall House 2
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Gooding House

Morphosis Exhibit
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musings on the virtual world
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practical Delanda
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Does research kill architectural creativity?
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dxf of Durand plan scans
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29 November
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REVEALED: Bjarke Ingelsí Brand New High Line Towers
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29 November
Found some summer 2011 images at flickr of where I went walking today, which is the first time I'm seeing the place in full foliage.

There were about a dozen cows here around noon today, mostly sitting, and one cow suddenly decided to chase one of the three crows that was also amongst them. I live down the valley and on top of the next big hill through the center of the trees to the right.

Saw what I believe to be the same fox I saw at the beginning of my walk (along the northern-most fence) running through this field. Imagine that, seeing a fox run across the fields of Fox Chase Farm.

13112904 IQ04 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112905 IQ05 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112907 IQ07 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112908 IQ08 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112909 IQ09 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112910 IQ10 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112911 IQ11 Philadelphia model data axonometric
13112912 IQ12 Philadelphia model data axonometric

14112901 Cooper & Pratt House at Ury/NNTC plan site plan
14112902 House ofr Otto 1 at Ury/NNTC plan site plan
14112903 Acropolis Q at Ury/NNTC plan site plan

15112901   House for KFSchinkel 01-06 plans   2239i22

One of what are at least three tree allees leading to or from the quondam site of Waterman Mansion, which is directly adjacent the farm fields.




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