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1598 birth of Gianlorenzo Bernini

1626 death of Salomon Brosse

1826 death of John Flaxman
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The Body, the Imagination and Architecture (BIA)
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critical pastiche und historical regionalism
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"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
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Frank Gehry
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Architecture in the age of photoshop
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2011.12.07 12:24
Frank Gehry
[Y]ou are correct, I do not mean "pliability/pliancy only in literal surface-curving manner," but more of a "yielding readily" (like the varying aspects of the plan of the Wagner House which is on a sloped site). Perhaps it is uncannily (or even appropriately) ironic that the Venturi and Rauch peeling wall detail yeilds from an actual bending wall.
I (re)read about 75% of Lynn's essay last night, and there one sees "the pliant" more in the sense of literal bending and folding, plus also more in concert with suppleness and smoothness--although here too Gehry's architecture is most often used as example. (I feel my reading last night suffered a bit due to no illustrations accompaning this latest version of the essay.)
[T]he pliancy of the Palace of Ottopia is more a demonstration of the drawing pliancy that "laissez-faire" CAD manipulation allows. Yes, the Danteum is there, but so is Hejduk's Bye House, a bit of Perruzzi's Palazzo Massimo and a little bit of myself. (There are several animations of how the design came together which I'll again upload.) Also, the gemmating Danteum plans allude to Eisenman (Aronoff). Interestingly, within the studies for the Palace of Ottopia, there are some (pliant CAD) manipulations of Gehry's Wagner House--

031207a Center City Philadelphia plan with Ara Martis Complex embedded
031207b Center City Philadelphia plan with Bustum Hadriani embedded
031207c Center City Philadelphia plan with Axis of Life embedded

2010.12.07 16:06
"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
For me, criticism has always been an un-strictly-written phenomenon. The intended results come much quicker that way.

12120701 Basilica Sessorianum site plan true north
12120702 Thermae Helenae plan scan

13120711 IQ11 composite plan data

14120701 Silent Witnesses Campo Rovine/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic
14120702 Ridgeway House Ury/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic
14120703 La Villette Housing District Q/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic

--which eventally became House for Otto 4.




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