8 December

1877 death of Sydney Smirke

1888 death of Fiske Kimball     3300p

Prima Parte -- Carceri
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St. Ambrose, 8 December 2001
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the prophetic architecture of Leon Krier
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Thom Mayne on Charlie Rose
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serpentOMA's pavillion
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"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
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Stirling's Roma Interrotta and Le Corbusier's Berlin 1958
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5 December
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031208a Altes Museum and Palais dees Congrès at Logan Circle
031208b Parkway quadrant model with PMA with flattened Ionic columns

2005.12.08 08:27
Thom Mayne on Charlie Rose
"Talking about style seems to imply that we are designing by imitation..." -- this is exactly what I mean by "style in architecture has been so debased by Modernism's reaction to eclecticism that architects now don't even know how to talk about it."
Designing via "intuitive gut reactions that fight against and/or inform mental process" is a style.

2005.12.08 12:03
serpentOMA's pavillion

context: no contest

2005.12.08 12:32
serpentOMA's pavillion

sole solution

not original enough

2005.12.08 14:37
serpentOMA's pavillion


07120801 Capital Park West with elevation alternatives model

2010.12.08 11:07
"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
Exactly five years ago today I successfully suggested what Koolhaas's 2006 Serpentine Pavilion would look like. Did Rem even know at the time?

13120801 30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ4 IQ7 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Houseing Urban Components plans

14120801 Philadelphia School/NNTC plans attached images Kahn's grave situated correctly
14120802 Vanna Venturi House site plan plans elevations
14120803 Fisher House site plan plan
14120804 De Vore House site plan attached image



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