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1466 death of Donatello

metaboloc concurrence
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heightened plurality and metabolism yet to come
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Promenade Architecturale: A Documentation, Part I
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aesthetics and imagination
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more on language
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Re: egoscrapers
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which Acropolis do you prefer?
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13 December
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12 December
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...reminds me of this.

aesthetics and imagination
"It is common place to say that the eighteenth-century marks a turning point in the history of aesthetics. M. H. Abrams (1953) has shown how this was the period when the predominant metaphor of the mind as a mirror reflecting external reality began to give way to that of the mind as a lamp which radiates its own inner light onto the object it perceives. The artist is no longer seen as a craftsman-like imitator of nature, but as an inspired genius who brings new worlds into being, spontaneously generating original creations out of the depth of his own mind."
from the editor's introduction to Cocking's Imagination, p. vii.
As we begin the 21st century, is the "predominant metaphor of the [artistic] mind" still a "lamp which radiates its own inner light onto the object it perceives?"

031213a PMA with flattened Ionic columns
031213b Parkway quadrant model (031208b.db) plus Logan Circle sidewalks

2003.12.13 16:42
which Acropolis do you prefer?
The Acropolis as used by the ancient Greeks?
The Acropolis as used by the ancient Romans?
The Acropolis when the Parthenon was used as a Christian Church dedicated to Mary?
The Acropolis when the Turks used the Parthenon as a munitions magazine (hence the 17th century explosion that pretty much wrecked the place)?
The Acropolis as mass tourist destination with the Parthenon ruins slowly being further destroyed by air-pollution?
Multiple choice, I'm sure.

06121301 Acropolis Q model
06121302 Acropolis Q axonometrics perspectives

2012.12.13 12:42
13 December
within the last twelve hours:
Writing Rome: Textual approaches to the city (again) . . . All Over the Map . . . "New Inquisitions on Architecture: From pluralism to narrative" . . . By leaving ideologies behind, architecture may fall into nihilism or else dissolve into a narrative dimension. Only through the mediation of a mythographic interpretation will the treatise and Utopia return to become part of the novel of architecture. . . . "Surrender: Ville Nouvelle Melun-Senart" . . . another, this time closer, look at Patent Office
Found out this morning I successfully bid on this...

October 1977
"In 1978 [sic], one of the covers of Progressive Architecture looked almost exactly like this, and the copy-cats were now uncontrollably out of the bag. I remember professors in school being literally afraid that students will start doing the same thing."

14121301 Ichnographia Campus Martius 1100x550 plan
14121302 San Stefano 1100x550 plan image attached atemporal
14121303 Villa Madama 1100x550 plan image attached atemporal
14121304 Laurentian Library 1100x550 plan section image attached atemporal
14121305 Fortification of Florence 1100x550 plan atemporal
14121306 Campidoglio 1100x550 plan image attached atemporal
14121307 Michelangelo's St. Peter's Basilica 1100x550 plan image attached atemporal




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