16 December

architecture movements
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recent acquisitions of the Working Title Museum
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Fantasy Architecture?....
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Ichnographia Romaphilia
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Re: Ichnographia Romaphilia
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Time for more Fights: DI Rankings 2006
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Ugly Architecture (purposefully so)
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16 December
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architecture movements
Here's a list of just some of my favorite architecture movements:
The Altar from Pergamom to Berlin.
The Temple of Abu Simbal to higher ground.
Domitian's Naumachia dismantled to repair the fire damaged Circus Maximus.
The spiral columns from Greece to San Pietro Vaticano.
Cedar Grove from Frankford to Fairmount Park (Philadelphia).
Aldo Rossi's Teatro del Mondo floating into the Venetian lagoon.
...and my most anticipated architecture movement:
The Elgin Marbles returning to the Acropolis.

041216a Romaphilia Schuylkill and Tiber

2005.12.16 13:18
Time for more Fights: DI Rankings 2006
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