15 December

1679 death of Jean Marot

1840 reception of the remains of Napoleon I

the stillness of Ulysses' gaze
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2001.12.15 14:14     206a 3739c

Virtual Architecture

Re: Who is the greatest figurative painter alive?
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Architecture and traffic jams
2005.12.15 14:23     4014f

Building within ruins
2005.12.15 14:27

Virtual Architecture 035

the stillness of Ulysses' gaze

"First God created the journey, then there is doubt, and then comes nostalgia."

031215a Palais des Congres plan with a portion of the Ichnographia
031215b portion of the Ichnographia cropped to the size of the Parkway quadrant model (031213b.db)
031215c Palais des Congrès plan within the Ichnographia; hline persepective

2005.12.15 14:23
Architecture and traffic jams

Frohe Weihnachten!

2005.12.15 14:27
Building within ruins

08121501 ICM scanned plans, raw
08121502 Durand scanned plans churches with Courthouse Plus Ultra
08121503 Durand scanned plans St. Peter's Basilica and Square




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