24 December

1667 death of John Mylne

1817 Benjamin Henry Latrobe resigned his position as architect of the Capitol building at Washington D.C.
1823 birth of James Gandon
1874 death of Adolphe Étienne Lance

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BIA: outside/inside architecture
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BIA next
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Museum of Architecture for Venice
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the Altes Museum as another Quondam branch
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Strasbourg-Savoye comparison
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Campo Marzio introduction
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pragmatists turning political?
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23 December
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24 December
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24 December
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architectural otherness
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00122401 mesh surfaces models perspectives   230ai27

2008.12.24 20:29
pragmatists turning political?
"Instead of a revolutionary architecture, an architecture of explicitation would imply more complex political directionalities as it transforms the space and the material organization of the built environment, even if those transformations cannot be inscribed in a holistic political program. For architecture to express the domestication of density and high-rise life through specific massing strategies in tall buildings, to convey that tendencies in the articulation of the building envelope capture the new political affects, to communicate that certain manipulations of the ground and the roof indicate the politicization of nature, or to explain the breakdown of the correlation between interior and exterior and private and public, are legitimate political performances."
That is what I assume to be the gist of the so-called general theory of the building envelope as expressed within 'The Political Agency of Dimension' within "The Politics of the Envelope".

UN Studio, Intramural Centre (project, 1994).
Because I see all this relating to Le Corbusier's late Olivetti project first, I looked again at UN Studio's Intramural Centre (project, 1994) as presented within the "Effects" book of MOVE (1999), since this project too reenacts the Le Corbusier paradigm. And then, as I looked through the rest of MOVE, I began to see that the 'envelope' was already often taken into a kind of 4th dimension, a kind of hyper-envelope. Somewhat ironically, UN Studio's proposal for the Yokohama Port Terminal already portends what AZP is now espousing.

12122401 House for Otto 4 wall and column extrusion capped IQ03

14122401 Villa Savoye 1100x550 plan Ury/NNTC




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