26 December

537 dedication of the new Church of Aya Sophia in Constantinople

1682 birth of James Gibbs

1762 birth of Marie Alexandre Lenoir
1781 birth of Etienne Hippolyte Godde

Hurva Synagogue
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Ichnographia [book - note1]
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Ichnographia book - note 2
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maison millenniums
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a change of plan
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Learning from Lacunae
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Re: cityscape collage
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pragmatists turning political?
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Ury Farm as Garden of Satire
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Drones? ( Umanned Aerial Systems ) How do vision their use in Architecture?
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Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1916.12.26)

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.12.26)

Learning from Lacunae
...introduce new mysteries while solving old ones.

2004.12.26 12:20
Re: cityscape collage
It started more than eight years ago when it was realized that Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle share the same circular footprint. Then, about two years ago, it was realized that ancient Rome's axis of life, as delineated by Piranesi, and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway share the same length and design articulation, with again Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle being the key register.
Now delineation of the 'bilocalopolis' begins. The Tiber and the Schuylkill flow through the cityscape. Augustine's tomb and City Hall have their similarities. Rome's Corso is now the same as Broad Street, the longest cardo in the world. X marks the spot of the first Gothic camp outside the walls of Rome and the no-man's land of the Vine Street Expressway interchanges.
I wrote something on 16 December 2004 which turns out to be a succinctly worded culmination of over 10 years of investigation, and also the touchstone for a finally foreseeable catharsis.

06121601 IQ Berlin Museum Insel plan
06121602 IQ Berlin Museum Insel model

2008.12.26 12:37
pragmatists turning political?

AZP from the Berlage lecture top: flat horizontal, permeable, social mobility, handling flows, movement

UN Studio, Yokohama Port Terminal, 1994
I'm wondering whether a hyper-envelope can deliver a hyper-politicization.
some coincidental reading from earlier this morning...
"Vico's own approach to this new science was by way of a new theory of knowledge. The first clear trace of this appears in his inaugural oration of 1708 comparing ancient and modern methods of study. The moderns have instituted great improvements in the physical sciences, but have unduly depreciated those studies whose matter depends on the human will and therefore involves vicissitude and probability--languages, poetry, eloquence, history, jurisprudence, politics."
AZP's language does slide easily (to other projects), and that is because much of it is at base a typological analysis.
AZP's language also slides easily from (historical) formal analysis to prescriptive methodology.

13122601 Ichnographia Campus Martius beginning and end plans

14122601 Courthouse with Garage 1100x550 plan
14122602 Museum Annex 1100x550 plan Palace of Versailles ICM
14122603 Museum Annex 1100x550 plan Palace of Versailles
14122604 Museum Annex 1100x550 plan ICM IQ08
14122605 Institute of Contemporary Art 1100x550 plan IQ08
14122606 Institute of Contemporary Art 1100x550 plan ICM IQ08
14122607 Horti Luciliani @ Ury/NNTC

15122601   House for a Skateboarder schematic model Ury/Savoye site   2090i48b   c
15122602   Ludi for Schinkel site plans   2340i03b   c
15122603   Good-Bye House site plans model   2345i07   b   c
15122604   Mikveh PMP site plans models Garden of Satire   2346i07   b
15122605   Mikveh PMP plans models Garden of Satire   2346i05   b




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