27 December

1534 death of Antonio da San Gallo the Elder

1799 death of Guillaume Couture

Villa Almerico Capra (La Rotonda)
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Re: WTC design reflections
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Foul Perfection
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27 December
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27 December
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bilbao effect: various definitions
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was Hillary mocking Shubow? the new world order not Greek?
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97122701ICM Horti Luciliani PMA   2110i23
97122702 ICM Turres expugnandae Eakins Oval   2110i24
97122703 ICM Horti Anters Hotel Pia   2110i25

2002.12.27 13:47
Re: WTC design reflections
While religion might be for the most part absent from thinking about the site now (officially at least), the notion of worship is nonetheless still present. I wonder how many houses of worship the WTC site could comfortably accommodate among the rest of what is (commercially and commemoratively) proposed. Do any of the new proposals specifically address pilgrimage? Or is pilgrimage only something (to be) attached to the forthcoming memorial proposals?
There are memorials everywhere all over this planet, and, unfortunately, most are soon and easily forgotten--when's the last time you went specifically to an old memorial to specifically remember what is there being memorialized? There are comparatively few memorials on this planet that are pilgrimage sites as well.

07122701 Museum of Knowledge new site plan
07122702 Museum of Knowledge model and site

10122701 ICM upper Janiculum
10122702 Ichnographia Campus Martius

2012.12.27 11:54
27 December
I was wrong to not superimpose the circus of the Sessorian district over the Ludus Florae.
Finished watching Visconti's L'Innocente Tuesday night, and watched von Trier's Melancholia last night--strange to see two movies but only hear one soundtrack.
Strange too was that dream last night--ancient Egyptian graffiti portending Johnson's rescue of Mies while also manifesting factual evidence that Akhenaten and Quondam are the same thing leading then to a critical confrontation at the bench tree of the cow pasture high point.

12122701 Basilica Sessorianum @ Ludus Florae

13122701 ICM all the non-Allen typologies plans

15122701   Acropolia Q on the Parkway site plan museum compilation   2357i03   b
15122702   Acropolia Q on the Parkway model site plan   2357i04
15122703   Mosque Q site plan Ottopia   2358i04   b
15122704   Mosque Q model Ottopia   2358i05




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