1860.10.09--Prince of Wales arrives in Philadelphia via PW&B [railroad] for two days of receptions and entertainment. Leaves Philadelphia for New York 1860.10.11 (PubLdgr).

It is highly unlikely the Prince of Wales visited Ury House during October 1860.

Ury House -- 1860

Even Edward VII may have stopped overnight on his visit to Philadelphia as Prince of Wales.
Manning Smith, "Sisters in Historic Mansion Hold Off Invaders" (Philadelphia Record, 1940.01.29.

Just before the Civil War, Stephen [Rowan Crawford] suffered financial reverses, and it looked as if he would lose his home. Then his Jane, after nearly 50 years of luxurious leisure, came to the rescue with one of the few money-earning projects permissible for a lady in that day. She opened a fashionable boys' boarding school after adding another wing to Ury House.
Rex Rittenhouse, "Ury House Guest Was Victim Of Jittery Maid" (Philadelphia: The Evening Bulletin, 1945.10.21).




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