Ury House -- 1843

In the following year "they" were visited by queer old woman, who arrived in a very old-fashoned chaise. She said she was ninety years old and a grand-daughter of the Mr. Taylor whose name first appeared on "Ury's" title-deeds. She had come to drink a cup of tea in the old Swede Hall, where she was born. This old woman told Mrs. Crawford that when she was a little girl ten years old [1763], Ury was the center of an immense peach-orchard, with cows feeding up to the very doors of the house.
Rev. S. F. Hotchkin, M.A., The York Road, Old and New (Philadelphia: Binder & Kelly, Publishers, 1892), pp.409.

Grandmother Jane Crawford, now dead, used to give the story [about Washington and the salted strawberries] a follow-up.

"One day," Miss Jean related, "she was amazed to see a dear little old lady in hoopskirts get out of her carriage and come up the steps. She wanted to see the hall where Washington dined--she was the girl who salted the berries."
Manning Smith, "Sisters in Historic Mansion Hold Off Invaders" (Philadelphia Record, 1940.01.29.




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