"Seeing Ury House, originally a fort built by early colonists in 1645 demolished in 1973, closing that period for us, caused a great desire within me to save every remnant and legend pertaining to early Fox Chase (Lower Dublin) history. I then decided to do research on my home town, gathering many facts from many sources to compile them into a condensed form so that every child that grows up here may value his or her heritage as I do. Through this research I decided to do pen and ink etchings of our historic sites..."
Johanna Frueh Gaupp, Fox Chase: 300 Years of Memories (Philadelphia: Friends of Burholme, 1976).

Gaupp's article on Ury House within Fox Chase: 300 Hundred Years of History is a cut-and-paste composite of most of the newspaper articles cited within this chronology. The story of Ury House's Swedish colonial origins and the list of notables that are said to have visited Ury are even a bit further embellished. Ironically, there is no mention of Benjamin Henry Latrobe and Charles Willson Peale, who indeed did visit Ury House and even sketched and drew the site.

Ury House -- 1973

Ury House is demolished, making way for the Montclair quadplex apartment development with a string of private twin homes along the east, north and south periphery of the estate.

1. the location of Ury House as it exists today.
2. the location of Ury House gardens as it exists today.




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