Deodatus Cosmati (Adeodatus)
marble worker (marmorari)
Deodatus, son of Cosmatus, made a ciborium in the church of S. Maria in Cosmedin, Rome (1296), and the finer ciborium in the basilica of S. Giovanni in Laterano (Rome), both of which are signed.

Giovanni Cosmati
marble worker (marmorari)
Giovanni, the most important of the sons of Cosmatus, made the tomb of Stephanus Surdi at the church of S. Balbina, Rome, signed IOH'S FILIVS MAG'RI COSMATI FECIT HOC OPVS. This inscription is repeated on the tomb of Bishop Guglielmo Durante in the church of S. Maria Sopra Minerva (Rome). The tomb of Rodrigo Gonsalvi at the church of S. Maria Maggiore (Rome) is also signed by him. The last verse of the metrical inscription on the cloister of S. Paolo fuori le Mura (Rome) seems to indicate that this monument was built by him.

Town Hall at Gubbio in the Roman territory; thirteenth century.




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