Bernard de Soissons
architect; d. about 1382.
The name of Bernard de Soissons was inscribed with those of Gauthier de Reims, Jean d'Orbais, and Jean Loup in the labyrinth (mosaic pavement) of the cathedral of Rheims. They are supposed to have been architects of the church in the fourteenth century. The labyrinth itself has disappeared.

Cuntz appears as architect of the cathedral of Strasburg in 1382. He was succeeded by Michael von Freibourg. He probably built the screen connecting the two towers in the third story of the façade.

Henri de Bruxelles
Henri came originally from Flanders. In 1382 he won the competition for the choir screen (jubé) of the cathedral of Troyes (Aube) France. This work was begun April 22, 1385, and finished in 1388. It was destroyed in 1793.




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