Agnolo di Taddeo Gaddi
painter and architect.
In 1383 Agnolo made drawings for the seven figures of Virtues on the Loggia dei Lanzi at Florence, which were executed by others. According to Vasari, the church of S. Romolo, Florence, was built from his designs in 1356. He painted frescoes at S. Croce, S. Spirito, and other Florentine churches.

Giovanni d'Ambrogio
sculptor and architect.
In 1383 he was employed to carve some of the figures designed by Agnolo Gaddi for the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence. The small northern portal of the Florentine cathedral with the Madonna and adoring angels, formerly ascribed to Giovanni Pisano, was made by him.

Jean de Marville
sculptor and architect.
A Flemish sculptor who appears first engaged on the church of S. Pierre at Lille. In 1383 he commenced the monument of Philippe le Hardi, which was continued by Claus Sluter, and completed by Claus de Werve. It is now in the museum at Dijon.




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