Antonio Barile
woodworker (intarsiatore); b. 1453; d. 1516.
Antonio and his nephew, Giovanni Barile, were employed in the decoration of the palace of the tyrant Pandolfo Petrucci at Siena, Italy. He did much carved and inlaid work at the Cathedral of Siena.

Jehançon Garnache
architect; d. after 1529.
About 1485 Garnache was made supervising architect of the cathedral of Troyes (Aube, France). Under the direction of Martin Chambiges he worked on the towers and portal of the facade.

From the Cathedral of Milan.

Plan of the Cathedral of Milan, commenced in 1385(-1485), by order of the Duke Jean Galéas Visconti.
Longitudinal section of the same church, with the Confession beneath the choir.

Cathedral of Milan; the whole of the proportions, exterior and interior, of this cathedral, are said to have been regulated on the eqilateral triangle.

Column from the interior of the Cathedral of Milan.

Base and capital from the nave of the Cathedral of Milan.

Milan Cathedral (Milan: 1385-1485).

Pleasure house of the grand dukes of Tuscany, about ten miles from Florence, erected for Laurence the Magnificent, from the design of Julian Giamberti, called Sangallo, a name which he derived for having constructed a monastery near Florence and outside the gate Sangallo. This artist, born in 1443 and who died in 1517, deeply studied the antique; and the knowledge he thus acquired he communicated to his nephew Antonio Sangallo, who also owed to him in great part the celebrity he afterwards enjoyed. He applied himself more particularly to the construction of fortifications, for which he was employed at Milan, at Naples, in Tuscany, and in the Papal States by order of Julius II.




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