Pierre Bontemps
In 1552 he contracted with Philibert de l'Orme to make for the mausoleum of François I, at S. Denis, the bas-reliefs of the base and the kneeling statues of the queen, the dauphin and the Duke Charles d'Orléans. His reputation rests mainly on the brilliant execution of the bas-reliefs, which represent the military expeditions of the king. In 1556 payment was made to him for the beautiful marble vase with its pedestal, in the church at St. Denis, which was intended to contain the heart of François I.

Jean de l'Orme
engineer and architect.
A brother of Philibert de l'Orme. He followed his brother to Paris, and January 13, 1552, succeeded Gilles le Breton as maître genéral des œuvres at Fontainebleau. In the same year he went to Italy to fortify the cities of Parma, Siena, etc., which were then garrisoned by the French.

Niccolo del Abbate
An Italian painter who came to France about 1552 and worked under the direction of Primaticcio. His most important work was the decoration of the gallery of Henri II at Fontainebleau.




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