Peter Eisenman, et al, Oppositions 7 (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1977).
Anthony Vidler:
The Third Typology
Werner Seligman:
Runcorn: Historical Precedent and the Rational Design Process
Martin Pawley:
"We shall not bulldoze Westminster Abbey": Archigram and the Retreat from Technology
Joseph Rykwert:
Classic and Neo-Classic
Bernard Tschumi:
Architecture and Transgression
i 10

UNEP Headquarters   2235

Eclectic Houses   223a

Gooding House   2236

Dresdner Bank   223c

Peter Eisenman, et al, Oppositions 8 (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1977).
Special Issue: Paris and the Academy: City and Ideology
Anthony Vidler:
Academicism : Modernism
Peter Brooks:
The Text and the City
Richard A. Etlin:
Landscapes of Eternity
Hélène Lipstadt:
Housing the Bourgeoisie
Antoine Grumbach:
The Promenades of Paris
Debora L. Silverman:
The 1889 Exhibition
Anthony Vidler:
The Idea of Form
Demetrius Porphyrios:
The 'End' of Styles
Ann Lorenz Van Zanten:
Form and Society
Quatremère de Quincy:

Peter Eisenman, et al, Oppositions 9 (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1977).
Francesco Dal Co:
The "Allusions" of Richard Meier
Oriol Bohigas:
Aldo Van Eyck or a New Amsterdam School
Jorge Silvetti:
The Beauty of Shadows
Kurt W. Forster:
Stagecraft and Statecraft
Guiseppe Terragni:
Relazione Sul Danteum

1997   Hejduk/Eisenman Interview   5777e

1997.11.05   John Hejduk at Beyond the Modern Movement   5777f

Rem Koolhaas, Dreamland (drawing: 1977).

Gordon Matta-Clark, Office Baroque (Antwerp, Belgium: 1977).




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