Girard Collage  


Capital Park West   2250

The Architecture of Being [FOG]
An Art School for Girard College.

Develop Girard College/Collage [Girard Collage] re: quondam, (ancient) temple architecture (clue: Temple U.).

2004.12.26 12:20
Re: cityscape collage
It started more than eight years ago when it was realized that Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle share the same circular footprint. Then, about two years ago, it was realized that ancient Rome's axis of life, as delineated by Piranesi, and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway share the same length and design articulation, with again Hadrian's Tomb and Logan Circle being the key register.
Now delineation of the 'bilocalopolis' begins. The Tiber and the Schuylkill flow through the cityscape. Augustine's tomb and City Hall have their similarities. Rome's Corso is now the same as Broad Street, the longest cardo in the world. X marks the spot of the first Gothic camp outside the walls of Rome and the no-man's land of Vine Street Expressway interchanges.
I'm especially looking forward to seeing Girard College (the large five-sided rectangle to the north) become Girard Collage.




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