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2007.10.17 15:18
historical reenactment picture of the day
this is what I saw last night:
Danielle Mericle's two-channel video from her 2006 project History Sighs presents fixed-frame landscape views from original, antipodal landing sites of colonial conquest. The sun sets over the Arabian Sea, (filmed from Gujarat, where the British first made contact with Indian soil) as it rises over the Atlantic Ocean from Salt River Bay, St. Croix (a Columbus landing site and setting of the first-known violent confrontation between Europeans and American natives). Mericle's exploration of these two locations prompts speculation about history's ability to manifest its theoretical and material legacy within the physical landscape.
I told the artist her work had an interesting reenactionary quality (to which she agreed completely), and how some degrees of separation collaped by now standing next to her while the sun was rising and setting again.

20020101   Dürer House   elevation

20020103   Château de Maisons   plan section elevation



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