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2007.08.04 17:32
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
I thought the point was Archaeologies of the Future.
'Opaque' perhaps, but never without clues. The way I see it Koolhaas's architecture becomes him while Eisenman becomes his architecture. [Vanbrugh is at the top of the list if that helps.]
"Pejorativity" is an important chapter in The Irrelevancy Style of Architecture.
My tendencies are more coincidental than anything else.

2007.08.04 16:41
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
You know who my favorites are, now that's a laugh. Koolhaas and Eisenman are definitely among my favorite architects, but what exactly is the relevance of anything I write here?
I always say exactly what I mean whether it's understood correctly or not.
I'm now super-excited by the irrelavancy of it all.
[now back to the 5th century]
Wait, reading the architectureweek article together with this and this is a perfect way to see just how much fun the Irrelavancy style can be. Like I said, I haven't been so excited in a long time.
hint: irrelevancy is a good thing, actually the best thing in a long time.

2007.08.04 14:41
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
About 180 more years of an architecture dominated by the combined assimilating and metabolic imaginations, and then roughly 500 years of an architecture dominated by a pure metabolic imagination. All the while the profane osmotic imagination remains in the background. So much for the physiology, morphologically a bi-polar structural cage will continue to branch and grow (till completion c. 3091).
--inside scoop from the ongoing embryonic development within.

2007.08.04 14:00
Koolhaas & Eisenman Discuss "Urgency" at the CCA
I thought urgency sounded familiar.
"I love Ro-co-co."
--Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt
[note to self:
Be the first to recognize the Irrelevancy style of architecture.]
The Koolhaas/Eisenman "discussion" at CAA should have been called Irrelevancy.

2007.08.04 11:48
Summer '07 Movie Central
Saw La Vie en Rose last weekend. Yes, very well acted. Struck by the abject poverty and threadbare existence of Edith's early life, and left wondering whether one can every really escape such a profound formation--though there's much to be said for the power of true art. Strange too how one can still be surprised by various aspects of the 20th century.
Borrowed Antonioni's Blow Up from the Free Library yesterday.
Going to see Bourne Ultimatum tonight. Looking forward to it, so it better be good. (I'll be reading The Misfortunes of Virtue until the lights go out.)

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