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2007.08.20 18:03
thesis... phenomenology
Is there any proof that "we can't inhabit it--outlandish, novel architecture--in a meaningful way"?

2007.08.20 15:37
Why do you think you're creative?
ůmost people don't even have a metabolic imagination. For that matter, even a fertile imagination is fairly uncommon.

2007.08.20 11:21
What brought you to Archinect?
I just like giving architects more heartburn.

2007.08.08 16:01
spreading like a virus...(discuss)
Regarding real estate development, as far as Pennsylvania is concerned, it started before Willian Penn even got here--he sold a lot of the land sight unseen in England.

Indentur 11 October 1681
William Penn of Warmingham, Sussex England to Thomas Percy of the City of Oxford
500 acres in the province of Pennsylvania
courtesy of The Historical Society of Frankford



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