new not there city

2013.03.02 19:42
2 March

2006.03.02 12:11
Subtle pleasant sensations
That moment after about a minute of rigorous stirring over very high heat when the remaining liquid (mostly wine and melted butter) cullled from cooking the scallops and the added heavy cream suddenly becomes a thick sauce. That's when you know the Coquille St. Jacques is going to be just perfect

2006.03.02 11:46
Iconography, or the problem of representation
What I find most suspect is the implied notion that the FOA terminal is now only fully discussible with reference to the Hosukai wave. The real connection between the two artifacts/designs is superficial at best, and in some ways comes off as trying to "pull the wool over everyone else's eyes."
Is it really true that most architects have a hard time communicating their designs to the public? That's not a rhetorical question. I'm seriously wondering what the answer is. I can see where FOA has a hard time communicating their designs to the public, but do most other architects also have a hard time communicating their designs to the public? Have architects overall become more and more unable to communicate their designs? If this is true, then something tells me that it isn't the public that is really most to blame.

the new Not There
The opening theme for the revised Not There begins with the "new ideal city," "analogous buildings" and the Capriccio, the kit of parts, and ultimately Not There, the site.

Ideal City Reenactment

Analogous Building

Analogous Building

Analogous Building

Capriccio Palladiano

Kit of Parts

Not There, the site (plan)?

1.Comparable in certain respects, typically in a way that makes clearer the nature of the things compared.
2.(of structures) Performing a similar function but having a different evolutionary origin, such as the wings of insects and birds.




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