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2013.03.06 19:10
6 March
Just before noon today, the postman delivered a starting-to-fall-apart copy of Perspecta 11, originally published in 1967, and edited by Peter de Bretteville and Arthur Golding. The name Peter de Bretteville seemed familiar for some reason, but I wasn't sure why. I did a google search, but nothing made a connection, so then I did a google image search, and again nothing made a connection, except one image looked like it came from Quondam. (Anymore, it's not uncommon that a google image search on an architectural topic will include an image or two from Quondam.) The image, Piranesi fragments of the Forma Urbis...

...is from Quondam, but posted online via Archinect, the 13 December thread. Mystery solved:

Yes citizen, the de Bretteville and Simon Houses are featured in the October 1977 Progressive Architecture, and now seeing the content of Perspecta 11 gives the Laurel Canyon houses a most interesting background.

Perspecta 11 is a very fecund issue, full of all kinds of goodies that seem topical even today.

Large images of Venturi and Rauch's FDR Memorial Competition.

A 24 page Archigram supplement.

A conversation with James Stirling.

An article by Marshall McLuhan
And much more.

This is what's on my other computer's screen, Leon Krier's 'houses under a common roof' for La Villette. Very coincidentally, today's "tract homes and starchitecure" blog from Kazys Varnelis could even be subtitled 'houses under a common roof.'




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