The Plays of Nicholas Breakspear

18 September

2013.09.18 11:34

birth of Jean-Nicolas-Louis Durand : Data can be metabolized in a number of ways: rescale plans and models at odd scales and rotations : mix up all types of databases and drawings : zany perspectives : wireframe perspectives : generate perspectives of 2-d data : create new building models by combining just pieces of the models already available : In brief, beyond Savoye and Marsailles, the 'box on pilotis' motif re-occurs in the upper middle section of the Governor's Palace for Chandigarh, and later within the also unexecuted design for the Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg (1964). There are several minor examples as well. It is surely a design approach that Le Corbusier continually re-worked throughout his career, thus I see it as a more consistent application of "theory." : death of Horace Trumbauer : Does anyone know of a good historical (i.e., chronological) survey of the 20th century's themed buildings? : There is even a section in Wildwood Crest that 'reenacts' the Pacific Rim/Oceania--hotels themed Wai Kiki, Kon Tiki, Tahiti, Singapore Inn, etc. all next to and across from each other. Given the fact that practically all these hotels were well in place by 1970, I now wonder if it is not entirely possible to say that Wildwood's hotel architecture unwittingly is the precursor to today's Las Vegas, and to major portions of Disney World as well.

Neuschwanstein + Las Vegas + Atlantic City + an Indian Reservation + Monte Carlo + Dubai + Angkor Wat + Pompei = "My kind of town." : What is an architectural idea? : Perhaps the real question is "What idea is an architecture?" : I think that's the title of the novel I'm working on.




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