The Plays of Nicholas Breakspear

12 October

2013.10.12 12:27

These citings convey misinformation. [sic] ...it appears that Husserl would have benefited from the realization that all memory (both his 'primary memory' and his 'secondary memory') are by default mental reenactments. It's like a little architectural mecca along an ancient Indian trail. ...the view from the Campidoglio is indeed the Campo Marzio. ...and boy do those collage rendering on page 124 look exactly like MVRDV's au courant renderings. Is calling something "b-side" an example of commercialism creeping into architecture criticism. Hey, as long as it sells, right. Imagine that, the institution of criticism based on commerce and consumerism! Does sinister even know what dexter is doing? ...and seeing No. 9 again here made me think of the early Gehry three-in-a-row houses in Santa Monica(?), and then a lot of the "glass/wall boxy" houses designed now. I'll go for the continuum idea as to where architecture is really at.

Because the stage set of the Palais des Congres is an amalgam of Maison Dom-ino and the parloirs of La Tourette, I've been finishing up a redrawing of La Tourette's level 3 plan. Thus I've been also looking closely at the images of La Tourette within OC vol. 7. Seeing the outside of the parloirs, you also see the studio of Hejduk's Wall House 2. And then there's the church of La Tourette, and then you realize that most of Hejduk's church designs from the 1990s are indeed elaborations of the church of La Tourette. Some of Adjusting Foundations and whole sections of Pewter Wings Golden Horns Stone Veils have now opened up...




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