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2015.12.27 17:37
was Hillary mocking Shubow? the new world order not Greek?
The Stack (or at least the part I've read) is all about the new digital dimension of geopolitics. Clinton's quotation begins the 'A New Architecture?' section of Bratton's "Introduction." He writes, "Looking to contemporary design for new models of geopolitical architecture [like global information systems], both literal structures and figurative systems, may be a good idea (regardless of whether Gehry's singular and floral morphologies are necessarily the best option), but what drives this demand for new armatures and diagrams of global power and sovereignty?"
Rodham-Clinton's use of a private email account for all her emails while Secretary of State instead of using a governmental email account for governmental email is perhaps a more apt corollary (lesson) for Bratton's The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty.

2016.01.12 10:21
Preserving a Home in All Its Marred Glory

Virtual Domain 001

Virtual Domain 003

2016.01.12 12:11
Preserving a Home in All Its Marred Glory

Skinner Box as museum (piece). How interesting.




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