not an easy book

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Perspecta 11 (1967), p. 105.

Kahn is Venturi's closest mentor, has he has been for almost all the best young architects and educators of the past decade, such as Giurgola, Moore, Vreeland, and Millard. The dialogue so developed in which Aldo Van Eyck of Holland has also played an outstanding role, has surely contributed much to Venturi's development. Kahn's theory of "institutions" has been fundamental to all these architects, but Venturi himself avoids Kahn's structural preoccupations in favor of a more flexibly function-directed method which is closer to that of Alvar Aalto. Unlike his writing, Venturi's design unfolds without strain. In it he is as facile as an architect of the Baroque and, in the same sense, as scenographic. (His project for the Roosevelt Memorial, probably the best, surely the most original of the entries, shows how serene and grand that scenographic talent can be.)
Vincent Scully, "Introduction" in Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture (1966), pp. 13-14.




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