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Le Corbusier turning recombinant
There is the idea of documenting the examples where Le Corbusier reuses past building design projects for new projects. For example, the International Planning Competition for Berlin; the Chandigarh Secretariate at Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti; the Museum of Unlimited Growth; the Maison de l'Homme; the stage set at Palais des Congrès...

International Planning Competition for Berlin   1958

Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti   final scheme   1965

2011.11.19 13:25
Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
Incidentally, every instance of Le Corbusier's Museum for Unlimited Growth is listed within Colomina's "The Endless Museum: Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe" (Log 15) except for the instance within the International Planning Competition for Berlin.

Palais des Congrès à Strasbourg   1964

On the stage of the Palais des Congrès' large auditorium, Le Corbusier placed some free-form changing rooms within a Maison Dom-ino structure. This permanent 3-dimensional backdrop is a paradigm of Le Corbusier's seminal ideas of architecture--it recalls the Maison Dom-ino prototype (1914), Composition Three (1929), and more recently the porter's lodge at La Couvent de la Tourette. Set on a stage, this small structure is a tangible symbol of Le Corbusier's message, and, in some ways, it is also a swan song.

Project "Porte Muillot 50"   1950

at Tokyo Museum   1956

Exhibition Hall in Stockholm   1962

at Museum of the 20th Century   1963

at Art Center near Frankfurt am Main   1963

Exhibition Pavilion at Zürich   1965




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