atypical atemporal otherness continuum

atemporality at work?

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Our preliminary comments/questions up here.

Just what is it that makes these plans so different, so appealing?

Each plan a unique composition of fragments and wholes, where some pieces are easily identifiable, while others remain somewhat obscure.

Yet all the segments speak a distinct dialect of architecture.

An understood-without-dificulty polyglot architecture?

Each plan ultimately delineating a common typology.

Each plan initially indexing an innovative design process.

Atempoality at work?

plan for a prison
Andrew Kovacs   Archive of Affinities   2012.09.19


[Your thoughs/etc. on this plan here.]


I recognize the Dominican Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci's central portion for sure.

Otherwise, a Miesian tower? a South Asian cave temple? ancient Roman warehouses of Ostia?

If this is St. Catherine de Ricci in prison, don't worry. She can bilocate to someplace else.

Is any individual piece at true scale?

A computer model of the Dominican Motherhouse is within Quondam's collection, as are some Miesian tower elevations.

Let the games begin?

plan for a building with a courtyard
Andrew Kovacs   Archive of Affinities   2012.09.19

plan for a linear building
Andrew Kovacs   Archive of Affinities   2012.09.19



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