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21 November 2023   Tuesday

There was another coincidence in The Arts Newspaper today--UK museum reclassifies Roman emperor as transgender. First paragraph: "A UK museum says that it will be heeding research that reveals the ancient Roman emperor Elagabalus was transgender and will subsequently be referring to the ruler as “she” in its displays. According to the Telegraph the North Hertfordshire Museum will use the new set of pronouns to refer to Elagabalus based on classical texts where the emperor asked to be called “lady”. The decision follows long-standing academic interest in Elagabalus's gender identity."

On 10 November 2022 within The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project, it was written, "...Circus Elagabalus may henceforth also be referred to as Circus Transgender, because Elagabalus openly expressed his desire to go trans..."

Palais House 10: Museum   2008

Cut & Paste Museum   2007

Realized that Helena, in 312, is half a year older than I am now. And had the idea that Piranesi's quondam Campo Marzio circus plans actually make for very good circus basilica plans.

There's about a 1% overlap between the profession and academia
There is a substantial overlap between the profession and academia in that both adhere to the same model of what a typical architect is and does. Both are largely adverse to "ad hoc" design or even vernacularism. Free thinking in either established situation is for the most part shunned.

Alex wrote:
Where is this 'immaterial' realm where the circle exists? I would like to make contact with it…….. It is worth noting that these 'perfect' shapes: circle (sphere) or cube or pyramid, etc. do not exist in nature. (The Earth, for instance is an oblate spheroid in other words, a sphere fattened at the equator). I am reminded here in Paul's thinking of Ptolemaic and Renaissance astronomies. They thought planets revolved in pure Pythagorean spheres (with musical accompaniment.) It took Kepler and Newton to show them they were wrong: the ellipse was the answer. Anyway, these perfect shapes do not exist other than as idealizations in peoples minds.
Steve comments:
While I agree with Alex about there really being no 'perfect' shapes in actual existence, I nonetheless can't help but believe that the real 'inspiration' for the perfect circle comes from the pupils of our very own eyes. Who knows, it might even be the physical 'perfection' of our sight perception organ that somehow makes our brains/minds think ideals exist in the first place. Kind of like the medium being the message.

Here's the first image online at Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture 21 November 1996.

The lobby of a non-existent museum containing exterior images of the same non-existent museum.
James Stirling + Partner, Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen (Düsseldorf: project, 1975).

Seeing that the heart very likely pumps because of spontaneous magnetization is a great discovery and I'm sure the place of the heart within the Timepiece will continue to develop as I give more thought to the overall situation. I have to now also consider the role of the breasts and the nipples and the meaning of lactation. And along these lines, I have to consider that the "second birth" will now have happened and therefore I have to correlate all these aspects to the presence of the heart.
It may be that the "second birth" will happen when the present is finished passing through the diaphragm since the diaphragm does play a role in birthing. The "second birth," the emergence of the heart and 100% osmosis may all happen at the same time and all three may be intrinsically related to each other.
I have to look at the anatomical diagram to establish exactly when the lungs and the diaphragm enter into the present. I am beginning to realize that the next 1000 years will not be totally metabolism based, there will in fact be a strong growing fringe element of osmosis. This makes me wonder what the real significance is for metabolism since it is in a sense a dead end street. Is metabolism perhaps a temporary, but necessary component of human development? The dualistic (or two distinct camp) nature of the next millennium is something I have to give more thought to. As the next millennium moves on, it will increasingly become a time of the strongest anticipation. As the next millennium moves on there will be more and more anticipation for the heart, the beat, the pump--the battery.
If the heart operates because of magnetism, then it is possible to say that the heart is a battery. What will it mean for humanity when the Timepiece (the plane of the present) is passing through the heart?
More general notes about the coming millennium:
1. Although the present at 2000 A.D. is cutting two vertebrae below where the rib cage starts branching out of the spinal column, the present does start (2000 A.D.) to pass through the end tips of the three lowest rib bones. The era of non-external bone structure is now beginning to end. From c. 1540 A.D. (a circle/square juncture at the navel) to c. 2190 A.D. (the next larger circle/square juncture) represents an era where the vertebra is the only consistent (contiguous) bone structure for the present to pass through. The hip ends at c. 1492 A.D., and 2190 A.D. cuts through the vertebrae that doesn't sprout a rib bone. As mentioned earlier, the tips of the first three lower rib bones begin to appear c. 2000 A.D.
2.Along further lines concerning the rib cage, it seems to fall very nicely between two circle/square junctures (that are one juncture apart)-- roughly 2190 to 4370. The rib cage spans over two millennia and 2 circle/square junctures. Incidentally, the intermediate circle/square juncture within the span of the rib cage (c. 3090) is virtually exactly where 100% osmosis together with the heart occurs.
3. Earlier today was envisioned the third millennium as a 50/50 transition from metabolism to osmosis, but, looking at the diagram, I see that the diaphragm doesn't even enter the present until c. 2190 (a circle/square juncture). The diaphragm also keeps very close to the rib cage until c. 2700, and that is when the lungs first start to appear.
4. Metabolism seems to have full reign of the imagination (it seems) from c. 2000 to 2700.
5. The transition from metabolism to osmosis begins c. 2700 and continues until the transition is totally complete at c. 3090 ( a c/s juncture). The transition period will span roughly 400 years.
6. It appears that there is still some assimilation (large intestines/colon transversum) until 2190 A.D. (circle/square juncture). So perhaps it is then safe to say that between 2000 A.D. and 2190 A.D. there is a mixture of assimilation and metabolism. I don't want to use the word transition because the diaphragm is a very physical separation between metabolism and osmosis, as opposed to where the colon and the upper digestive organs co-mingle.
7. In 2190, the era of more or less 100% metabolism will begin (coinciding with the end of assimilation and perhaps even purging) and will continue for roughly 500 years (until the diaphragm and lungs begin to enter the picture).
It seems that the next millennium will witness three major phases:
1. the beginning of metabolism mixing with assimilation.
2. the end of assimilation all together and a long middle of just (pure?) metabolism.
3. the beginning and continuing transition from metabolism to osmosis.

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