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Metamorphosis & Metabolism
I use the terms assimilation and metabolism (metabolic process) as defined in Webster's Third International Dictionary. I did not use these terms to suggest that architecture is "organic", rather to suggest that human imagination is "organic".

conceptio / womb envy
After finding the translation of conceptio last night, I was struck by the notion that becoming pregnant is the first meaning of conceptio (i.e., conception), and it made me think how the notion of first coming up with a concept for a design never really plays on the notion of having a concept is like being pregnant. This morning I thought some more about this and it dawned on me that the notion of males being the idea/thinking half of the species may well just stem from the fact that males are not able to biolgically conceive, hence ideas as womb envy.
I might eventually take this idea some steps further, e.g., in Learning from Lacunae.

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