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my brother has bullous pemphigoid, can he be utilized for research study?
My name is Stephen Lauf, and I am caregiver for my brother Otto George Lauf, who, among several other health afflictions, has bullous pemphigoid for at least 1 Ĺ years. Heís in the midst of a second bullous outbreak now since September.
Itís now at the point where I can no longer singularly take care of my brother, and he is presently at H... R....... Hospital awaiting some kind of long term placement. Since my brother has no assets, he will become a ward of the state.
I know itís probably only a hopeful dream of mine at this point, but might my brother and his condition, which I believe makes him a textbook of bullous pemphigoid interacting with steroid treatment, be able to at least make some contribution to medicine, rather than just be put away in a long term care facility
Stephen Lauf

Leslie Deis told me a few things concerning the end period of pregnancy and early child development. She said that she and other pergnant women exhibit a lot of energy especially right towards the end of their term. She also said that the first three months is when pregnant women get sick--in contrast to the energy recieved towards the end.
Now concerning early child development, Leslie told me about a book called The Magical Child. In it the author talks about how new born childern develope from the head down, i.e. at birth and immediately after, a child's head functions are pretty much 100%, the new borns can hear, see and smell pretty much perfectly. As time goes on and childern grow and develope, the arms become coherently operational and finally the legs (and walking) are the last to develope.
I have to admit that I am fascinated by this and I am not at all concerned or worried about development working from the head first and going down, as opposed to development working from the feet up (as in the Timepiece). It is indeed encouraging that The Magical Child relates development of the body in a sequential linear fashion.

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