3 July

1386 Antonio di Vicenzo is mentioned as constructor of the bastion of S. Procolo

1728 birth of Robert Adam

2000 death of John Hejduk

There goes that bilocation again.
2007.07.03     3785c 4704

2007.07.03 13:17     3205g 3335m
2007.07.03 14:32     3205g 3335m
2007.07.03 14:40     3205g 3335m
2007.07.03 16:44     3205g 3335m 3713e 4705 5715h

Dwell - suggestions/future directions
2007.07.03 15:37     3205g 3335m 3747i
2007.07.03 15:56     3205g 3335m

Why are people so fascinated with classical architecture?
2015.07.03 10:22     3311f 3747p 3775z
2015.07.03 10:29     3311f 3775z
2015.07.03 13:11     3311f

Architecture Trip in Germany
2018.07.03 10:30     3316t

Conflict in Architecture?
2018.07.03 10:45     3316t

Abuse in Architecture Schools?
2018.07.03 12:07     3316t

The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
2022.07.03     8000w

Malcolm Reading   Guggenheim Museum   Helsinki

There goes that bilocation again.
"Did you notice how Chapter 3 of Against the Day is entitled "Bilocations"?
"Yes, I did."
"Don't you think it's strange that Pynchon should incorporate "bilocation" into a novel a couple years after you did?"
"Who knows? Maybe Pynchon read The Odds of Ottopia while it was simultaneously written and published online."

2007.07.03 14:40
Hejduk in Le Corbusier's (Tower of) Shadow(s)

Resting in Peace

2007.07.03 16:44
Just got a 1823 edition of Durand's Précis des leçons d'architecture this past Saturday, and seeing it now next to Hejduk's books inspires a comparative reenactionary analysis.

12070301 IQ06 Philadelphia model   2392i92

13070301 Adath Jeshurun plan scan   2403i05
13070302 Fairmount Park Fountain Competition plan elevation section scan   2403i06

14070301 Ury House and Farm site plan contours Ridgeway House Villa Savoye plans 22002 in situ   2090i11

15070301   Malcolm Reading   Guggenheim Museum   Helsinki

16070301 Frug House 1 plans elevation sections site plan images attached   220ai03
16070302 Frug House 2 plans elevation sections site plan images attached   220bi03

18070301 Lauf Haus der Kunst plan perspectives   2306i18

19070301 freeway interchange plan incomplete nts   2480i13
19070302 Nurmburg Rally plan section elevation nts   2480i14
19070303 Villa of the Mysteries plan section elevation nts   2480i15
19070304 Monticello plan section elevation nts   2480i16



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