...and speaking of random tangents
2007.03.25 13:38

1812 December 30 Thursday
"SL went to Ury this evening having heard that Sally was now indisposed. I intended to have gone but received an invitation to see a self moving machine made by Lukens in imitation of Redheffer's--it was made by subscription among some opponents of Redheffer's machine expecting to prove that it would not go without the secret power which they suspect he has in some part hid."

From museum of hoaxes to a virtual museum of architecture, just always moving along...

...and will they ever raise and address the question?
"The present essay can only raise and set aside the question of Latrobe's relationship to mechanical aids in drawing, such as the camera obscura for which he thanked President Thomas Jefferson on 21 March 1807."

Ah yes, mechanically aided drawings. Does something like that actually exist?

1812 January 3 Friday
"...my people with the aid of John Hamilton were employed in killing 2 Bison this day, one weighed 710 lbs, the other 585 lbs."

I used to love whenever my grandmother called my a buffalo in German.




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