1900     Lynnewood Hall; Elstowe; Elstowe Powerhouse

1901     Philadelphia City Hall

1902     Pennypacker Mills

1903     Glenfoerd

1904     1905

1906     Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel; Folly Farm


1908     Grand Hotel


1910     Moravian Pottery and Tile Works

1911     Georgian Terrace

1912     Pennsylvania Civil War Memorial; Fonthill

1913     Grand Hotel Babylon

1914     Maison Dom-ino; Scott's "Humanist Values" with an Interpolation

1915     1916     1917     1918

1919     Bryn Athyn Cathedral

1920     Powerhouse of the Sears & Roebuck Merchandise Distribution Center; Whitemarsh Hall; Robert W. Ryerss Mansion, Library and Museum; Project for a Concert and Festival Hall

1921     The Fairmount Parkway and the Schuylkill Banks as a Site for the World's Fair

1922     Firehouse of the Sears & Roebuck Merchandise Distribution Center; Paris et une Ville Contemporaine

1923     Model of an Artist’s House; Gledstone Hall

1924     Swann Memorial Fountain; High Rise City; Skyscraper by the Nikitskii Gates

1925     Gordon Strong Automobile Objective

1926     Plan for a Contemporary Agit-Theater; Philadelphia Savings Fund Society, Logan Branch; Free Library of Philadelphia; Church of the Cuore Immaculata di Maria Santissima; Elevation of a Pinnacle of the Church of the Sagrada Familia; Workers Club for 1000 People
1926     A Revival of Polychrome: Architecture and Sculpture

1927     Single House; Double House; House 33; Ascension of Our Lord Church

1928     Color Sculpture and Architecture; Kazakhstan Government House

1929     Rodin Museum; RSFR Project for Communal Dwelling

1930     Briar Hill; Tugendhat House; Dom-kommuna Complex; Design for an Office Building for the Ministry of Industry

1931     Chapel, Girard College; Musée d'Art Contemporain; Palais des Soviets; Appartment Beistegui

1932     Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building; Entry Hall of the Vatican Museum; Berwind Mausoleum; Irvine Auditorium; Plan Macia

1933     Maurice Speiser House; Urbanisation de la Ville de Stockholm; Urbanisation de la Rive Gauche de l'Escaut; Dom Narkomtjazjprom; Palace of the Soviets

1934     Ehrentemple; the year in design; Courthouse with Garage; Tampere Railway Station; Palace of the Soviets

1935     Urbanisation d'Hellocourt

1936     Olympic Stadium; Cité Universitaire du Brésil; Le gratte-ciel cartésien; Le plan de Paris 37

1937     Third Reich Pavilion; Neue Reichskanzlei; Congregation Ahavath Israel; Dr. Bachrach's Animal Hospital


1939     Glencairn; Resor House; Museum for Unlimited Growth

1940     Soviet Army Theater


1942     Monumental Arch of the E42 Exposition; World War II Bunker; Oser House

1943     The Fountainhead; Pennypack Woods

1944     Pennypack Store Building; Pennypack Administration Building

1945     Festung Breslau; Yacht Club


1947     Slovenian Parliament Building


1949     Currutchet House; Glass House

1950     Malm Funeral Chapels; St. Helena's Church; V. C. Morris Gift Shop

1951     Concourse of Strasbourg; Spherical Building in the Ibirapuera Park; Kubitschek Complex

1952     S.S. United States; State Theater; Governor’s Palace

1953     Youth Study Center; Yale Art Gallery; Sketch for the roofing of a wide mountain valley with cable netting; Sheffield University; Petropolis

1954     Samuel Radbill Building; Pincus Occupational Therapy Building

1955     La Chapelle de Ronchamp; Adath Jeshurun Synagogue

1956     The Campo Marzio of G.B. Piranesi; High Court; The Open Hand; Secretariat; Palace of Assembly; Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute; Mill Creek Project, Phase 1; AFL-CIO Medical Service Building; Project for a beach house; Price Tower

1957     Municipal Administrative Building; Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Camp; City Tower; Four Black and Whites; Shofuso; National Museum for Western Arts; Unité d'habitation

1958     Atomium; Philips Pavilion; International Planning Competition for Berlin; Palazzo of the Christian Democratic Party

1959     Jewish Community Center, Bathhouse; National Museum of Western Arts; White Column; District Health Center #1; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Beth Sholom Synagogue; Housing @ Pantin-les-Courtillieres

1960     Monestery Sainte-Marie-de-la-Tourette; Steel Exhibition for the 1964 World’s Fair; The Endless House; Plan for Tokyo Bay

1961     Wanting To Be: The Philadelphia School; Margaret Esherick House; Orsay-Paris; New York University, Lecture Hall; Casa Baldi

1962     Exhibition Hall; Philadelphia Life Insurance Company

1963     Snow Plow; The Pagoda; International Art Center; Otus House; Administration Building, Academy of the New Church; Headquarters for the North Penn Visiting Nurses' Association; Mill Creek Project, Phase 2

1964     Visual Arts Center; Vanna Venturi House; Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs; Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti; Elephant & Rhinoceros Pavilion; Church of St. John the Baptist; Kagawa Perfectural Gymnasium; Vacation House in Israel; A Sports Center

1965     La Maison de la Culture; Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building and Biology Building; Perspecta 9/10; Erdman Hall; Ferko Playground Building; French Embassy
1965     Hospital; Tricorn Wholesale Market and Shopping Centre; Scarborough College

1966     Performing Arts Center; Avant-Garde Anachronist; Frug House 1 & 2; Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture; Tower for Princeton Memorial Park; Guild House; Rolls Royce Grille on Wall Street; St. Bernadette of Banlay Church

1967     National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame; Fisher House; Ice Palace; The Greater London Council, Hayward Gallery; Civic Center Synagogue; St. Mary's Church; City Hall

1968     Renovation of St. Francis de Sales Church; D'Agostino House; Three Disks, One Lacking; From Rome to Las Vegas: An Exhibit of the Work of Venturi and Rauch; Competition for the City Hall in Scandicci; Competition Design for a Community of 1,500 Low-Cost Houses; Pilgrimage Church

1969     Continuous Monument; Zoo District ‘Berlin 1995’ studies; Rockefeller House; Düsseldorf Playhouse

1970     30th Street Site Master Plan; California City; University Arts Center; Mummers Theater

1971     Manfredo Tafuri presented the first in a series of even more idiosyncratic studies of the Carceri; United Way Headquarters Building; New Service Station; Olivetti Headquarters; Saint-Nicholas; Exodus, or the Voluntary Prisoners of Architecture; Office Building

1972     Olympiapark München; Franklin's Footpath; MDRT Foundation Hall, The American College; Jeanne-HJachette multiuse building, renovation of City Center; Snyderman House; Cogan House
1972     Kimbell Art Museum

1973     the goal of "inclusivism" is the development of a pluralist sensibility; Dixwell Fire Station

1974     Oppositions 2; Lang House

1975     Oppositions 4; Louis I. Kahn; William Penn High School; Museum for Nordrhein-Westfalen; Roosevelt Island Competition; John Hejduk and the Cult of Humanism; Ikeda Museum of 20th Century Art

1976     Oppositions 5; Oppositions 6; Liberty Bell Pavilion; Hotel Berlin; Health Science Center; Church of the Holy Trinity; National Theatre
1976     Urban Components (In Plan and Silhouette); Franklin Court and Museum; Outdoor Mural Project
1976     Tredyffrin Library

1977     Oppositions 7; Oppositions 8; Oppositions 9; Dreamland; Office Baroque
1977     Architectural Design 1977:04; Architectural Design 1977:09/10; The Pink House

1978     Oppositions 10; Oppositions 11; The Eye Institute; Roma Interrotta: Sector IV; Mulder House
1978     Lotus International 19; Lotus International 22; Roma Interrotta: Sector VI; Roma Interrotta: Sector VII; Roma Interrotta: Sector I; Roma Interrotta: Sector XII
1978     Architectural Design 1978:08/09; Architectural Design 1978:11/12; Collage City; Cooper-Hewitt, Swag Decoration

1979     Oppositions12; Oppositions13; Oppositions14; Papal Mass; Geometry: its internal workings, its external expression, and its meaning in architecture; House X
1979     Lotus International 24; Lotus International 25; Institute for Scientific Information; Best Products Company Showroom; Science Center
1979     Architectural Design 1979:01; Architectural Design 1979:03/04; Architectural Design 1979:05/06; Architectural Design 1979:07; Architectural Design 1979:08/09; Architectural Design 1979:12

1980     Oppositions 15/16; Oppositions 17; Oppositions 18; Oppositions 19/20; Oppositions 21; Oppositions 22; Geology Library; Museum of Architecture, Venice; Five Levels of Interpretation; Sage Road Shops; Under the Shadow of Serlio; Overseas Tower; Library Study
1980     Architectural Design 1980:03/04; Architectural Design 1980:05/06; Architectural Design 1980:07/08; Architectural Design 1980:11/12

1981     Oppositions 23; Lotus International 28; Lotus International 30; Lotus International 31; Lotus International 32; Institute of Contemporary Art; Swimmers; Highrise of Houses
1981     Architectural Design 1981:06/07; Architectural Design 1981:12

1982     Oppositions 24; Oppositions 25; Lotus International 33; Lotus International 35; Pliny's Villa Laurentum; Tract House; Parc de La Villette
1982     Architectural Design 1982:01/02; Architectural Design 1982:05/06; Architectural Design 1982:07/08; Architectural Design 1982:11/12; Mayor's House

1983     Lotus International 38; INTERGRAPH; Zany House 001; Welcome Park; Staatsgalerie and Chamber Theater; Gordon Wu Hall
1983     Architectural Design 1982:01/02; Architectural Design 1982:07/08; Architectural Design 1982:09/10; Architectural Design 1982:11/12; House in Laguna; Parc LaVillette; Winton Guest House; International Place at Fort Hill Square

1984     Oppositions 26; Lotus International 43; Photocopy Collages; House at Stony Creek
1984     Architectural Design 1984:01/02; Architectural Design 1984:03/04; Architectural Design 1984:05/06; Architectural Design 1984:07/08; Architectural Design 1984:09/10; Columbia Avenue Station Improvements; George D. Widener Memorial Tree House for the Children's Zoo; Green Enfilade House; Hypostyle House

1985     Architectural Design 1985:03/04; Architectural Design 1985:05/06; House in Laguna; Lincoln Kirstein Tower; Completion of Washington D.C.

1986     Architectural Design 1986:03; Architectural Design 1986:04; Architectural Design 1986:05; Architectural Design 1986:06; Lewis Thomas Molecular Biology Laboratories; Three-Dimensional Graphic Model of Center-City Philadelphia; Battery Park City

1987     West Foyer

1988     A Vision for Penn's 5th Square; The Walt Disney Concert Hall
1988     (Stirling's) Urban Components; Patiovilla; Netherlands Architecture Institute; Perfroming Arts Center

1989     Lotus International 59; Sea Terminal; Clinical Research Building; Compton Verney Opera House

1990     Fisher and Bendheim Hall; 3-D Computer Model of Center City Philadelphia

1991     Villa Dall'Ava; Art Sales and Rental Gallery; Monsters of Architecture; A Museum of Virtual Ideas; Nexus Housing

1992     Christopher Columbus Monument; Whitehall Ferry Terminal

1993   Storefront for Art and Architecture   George LaVie Schultz Laboratory   Bibliothèques de Jussieu   The Arcitects Wheel   House/Studio and Grounds for a Berlin Painter   Rooms of/for Justice   Medical Museum Depicting...   Nunnery   Soundings

1994     Swimming-pool; Port Terminal; Sears & Roebuck Merchandise Distribution Center Implosion

1995     Museum of Contemporary Art; Municipal Building for Baku; House in the Maze

1996     The Charlie Rose Show at the Aronoff Center for Design and Art; Nationale-Nederlanden Building; Hyperbuilding; Calcutta House; Delaware River Port Authority Headquarters; Iconography and Electronics Upon a Generic Architecture

1997     Triumphal Way 1997.09.06; Roy and Diana Vagelos Laboratories; Virtual House; Virtual House; Virtual House
1997     architecture, collision, etc.

1998     Hypermural for the Altes Museum; James S. McDonnell Hall of Physics
1998     Princeton University Stadium

1999     Seattle Public Library; Casa da Musica; Blurred Zones
1999     IFCCA New City Park Competition; Maison Millennium 001



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