Le Corbusier, La Maison de la Culture (Firminy-Vert, France: 1960-65).

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Perspecta 9/10   4097

Museum of Knowledge   2185

Parliament Building of West Pakistan   2205

Louis I. Kahn, Erdman Hall (Bryn Mawr: Bryn Mawr College, 1960-65), images: 2001.10.30.   3703d
Erdman Hall is a girl's dormitory at Bryn Mawr Collage, and the girl's had decorated the entrance hall for Halloween, thus the odd cobwebs within the stairwells. The above images were taken the day before Halloween. There was also another odd coincidence. The girl that let us in to take pictures told us that she did not like the building, and that she had dinner with architect Vincent Kling the night before, who apparently was in competition with Kahn to receive the commission for Erdman Hall. Kling told the young student that his design would have been much better.

Ferko Playground Building (Philadelphia: 1965), images: 1998.11.14.

Louis I. Kahn, Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building and Biology Building (Philadelphia: 1957-65), images: 2002.08.09.

Le Corbusier, French Embassy (Brazilia: 1964-65).



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