17 August

1522 death of Giovanni Antonio Omodeo

Maison Dom-ino

Ichnographia Ottopia . . .
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Re: Helena: calendrical coincidences
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24 August 358 is indeed EPICENTRAL
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to see in Philly
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World War II Bunker

Adam (sans Eve) in the Garden of Satire
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has the sun finally set on oma?
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Postmodernism sucks... discuss
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So, How's Architecture These Days?
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17 August
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Architecture of Segregation
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World Trade Center Plans
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Maison Dom-ino
paradigmatic building, 1914
Le Corbusier

For over 80 year, our perception of the Maison Dom-ino has been frozen in a perspective view similar to the one above. The views below are perhaps the first views of the Maison Dom-ino's other sides.


2008.08.17 12:03
has the sun finally set on oma?
I just looked up trend spotting on google because that's what current architectural theory/history wants to be good at but isn't, and followed a link and then another link, and there it was, the conceptual model of my next building...

I too want to be a risky architect.

2009.08.17 09:10
Postmodernism sucks... discuss
Took the time to look through Jencks' The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (1977) and read a little from Part Three: 'Post-Modern Architecture:
"There articles and attacks, lasting from 1959 to 1962, were meant to wipe out these heresies with a little critical weed-killer, but in the event the Italians fought back at this Puritanism, the refrigerator school of criticism.
The kind of buildings which were provoking this debate all had vague or repressed historical allusions..."
"Here is the schizophrenic cross between two codes that is characteristic of Post-Modernism..."
"Saarinen couldn't quite go the next step and design conventional decoration."
"The historicism is attenuated, embarrassed, half-baked--a problem for many of the architects who left Mies setting out for decoration (and never quite arrived)."
"'We can not know history'.
So by 1961 we have at least a camp, laconic statement in favor of eclecticism."
"What, might be asked, is really wrong with the decorative use of traditional elements--indeed straightforward ornament and the Trad styles? No one was prepared in the sixties to pose these questions in a radical way, and so the vague modernist suspicion of ornament and convention remained.
I suppose the first Modernist architect to use the decorative moulding and traditional symbol (such as the doorway arch) in an aggressive way was Robert Venturi. His Headquarters Building (1960)..."
...where the colors have been homogenized, the windows changed, and only faint traces of the mouldings remain.

2009.08.17 18:04
Postmodernism sucks... discuss
pornography : books, photographs, magazines, art, or music designed to excite sexual impulses and considered by public authorities or public opinion as in violation of accepted standards of sexual morality. American courts have not yet settled on a satisfactory definition of what constitutes pornographic material.

1. of, pertaining to, or having the nature of an orgy.
2. tending to arouse or excite unrestrained emotion: orgiastic rhythms.
3. Sociology. (of an expressive crowd) reaching a peak of emotional intensity, often of an ecstatic nature and frequently expressed by uninhibited behavior.
That traditional symbol (like the doorway arch)

actually references

Frank Furness, Gravers Lane Railroad Station (Chestnut Hill, location of Mother's House), Philadelphia, 1883.

2010.08.17 08:46
So, How's Architecture These Days?
An excursus between 'To ERr with SuperGlue and 'Bilocation Syndrome':
1762 Ichnographia Campus Martius
1960-65 Eleanor Donnelly Erdman Hall
1960-67 Dr. and Mrs. Norman Fisher House
1965-69 Dominican Motherhouse of St. Catherine de Ricci
1977 UNEP Headquarters
1979 Kasperson Residence
1979 Wissenschaftzentrum
1980 The Long Gallery House
1981 Institute of Contemporary Art
1982 Cooper & Pratt House
1982-87 Winton Guest House
1993 Wacko House 002
1993 Sober House 1
1999 Infringement Complex
2001 Ten Zen Men
2001 Room with a View
2002 NATO Headquarters
2006 Parrish Art Museum
2007 Hurva Dormitories
2007 Gooding Trice House
2007 Trivilla Savoye
2008 Hospice Søndergård
2008 Art Souq
2009 Basel Burghof

12081701.db Mikveh Israel Synagogue, Mikveh PMP, model

13081701 Clay Workers Co-op model IQ09
13081702 Market Street East Development plans models in register with IQ
13081703 Center City Philadelphia model section diagram in register with IQ
13081704 Center City Philadelphia facades in register with IQ



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