30 October

1356 William of Wykeham appointed surveyor of the works at Windsor Castle

1457 birth of Il Cronaca

1825 birth of Gabriel Jean Antoine Davioud
1887 death of Thomas Ustick Walter

1994 Sears implosion

Re: Demo-Design
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from: artificial oasis, to: thriving artificial oasis, re: missed lesson from Las Vegas
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dies sanguinis
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Memorial Hall     1876
Civil War Memorial
Lemon Hill     1800

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Tredyffrin Public Library     1976b
Erdman Hall     1965

Geoff Manaugh, Smout Allen, and co. investigate the future of Los Angeles in a new exhibition at the USC Libraries
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Re: Demo-Design
The world's largest building implosion to date occurred 30 October 1994 at the Sears complex in the Northeast section of Philadelphia, a site which is incidentally mere blocks from the origin point of Quondam - A Virtual Museum of Architecture.

051030a plan of Center City Phila. mirror copied along the axis of Market St.
051030b 051030a scale manipulated
051030c 051030a mirror copied along the axis of Broad St.




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