Andrea Palladio

Villa Rotunda     Vincenza   Italy

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Domestic Museum   2381
Sense of Scale and the Digital Age of Architecture   3401
museum of the human body   3706c

circle/square man in Villa Rotonda
...drawing--the circle/square man laying in the middle of the Villa Rotunda plan.

regarding the Hurva Synagogue   3138k

regarding the Museum of Arts and Crafts   3138l


scale and architecture
...domestic scale, and this will incorporated series of plans and the comparison among the plans. ...will also involve elevations (and perhaps perspectives as well). The Villa Rotunda will be the proto plan, and all the houses will be related to it.

scale and architecture
...central space/radiating plan, big central space -- Villa Rotunda, Kahn's Goldenberg House, Retreat House (compared with Hurva Synagogue), Gooding House.

scale and architecture
The Villa Rotunda... ...the very large house that it is... ...the Villa Rotunda with [all] the other domestic plans... ... the Villa Rotunda elevation split next to the Altes Museum elevation along with split plans.

scale and architecture
The profile of the Governor's Palace compared (split elevation) with the Villa Rotunda.

Porticus Neronianae and the circle/square juncture
...the cruciform Porticus Neronianae is not only somewhat similar to the Villa Rotunda, but also seems to be generated by the circle/square juncture diagram.

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Response to Donna, re: Traditional Architecture
Palladio, Piranesi, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn -circle-square junctions



3138c c0107

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