25 March

1442 will of Giovanni Bono
1493 Jean Perréal commenced the church of the Cordeliers in Lyons

1867 death of Jacques Ignace Hittorff

newly theorizing a schizophrenic agenda for architecture
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Rodin Museum     1929

Beauvais away (and then some)
2002.03.25 19:01

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Ole Bouman quote, strong stuff!
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...and speaking of random tangents
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2008.03.25 14:57

Re: Traditional Architecture
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24 March
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Morphosis unveils plans for "Minimalist" skyscraper next to Zumthor's Therme Vals
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2015.03.25 19:31     3310l

Rem Koolhaas to deliver keynote on day 3 of AIA National Conference
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Sam Jacob explores the "Age of Post-Digital Drawing" for Metropolis
2017.03.25 21:32     3315f

2002.03.25 19:01
Beauvais away (and then some)
The Spire of the Cathedral of Beauvais is the first world's tallest building to collapse after a brief existence, and the World Trade Center Towers are the second world's tallest buildings to collapse after a brief existence.

2008.03.25 14:57
"The vertigo of the mélange"


040325a Villa Rotonda circle/square juncture
040325b Villa Rotonda Porticus Neronianiae circle/square juncture
040325c Ottopia Villa Rotonda plans
040325d Ottopia Villa Rotonda plans  
040325e.db Sober House 1, plans
040325f Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House Villa Rotonda plans
040325g Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House Villa Rotonda Sober House 1 plans
040325h Ottopia Sober House 1 plans
040325i Ottopia Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House Villa Rotonda Sober House 1 plans  
040325j Ottopia UNEP Headquarters plans  
040325k UNEP Headquarters Infringement Complex plans

060325a B.F. Parkway/Axis of Life plans

2012.03.25 10:23
Response to Donna, re: Traditional Architecture
Palladio, Piranesi, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn, Kahn
I have a feeling that the Stalinist Architecture Revival Style won't emerge until sometime in the 22nd century. I mean, it's just much too soon for such an ultra avant-garde to happen this century.
I suppose 1985 can no longer be considered contemporary, but regarding "contemporary architects in classicism" see Stephen Kieran (of Kieran Timberlake) "The Image in the Empty Frame: Wu Hall and the Art of Representation."

13032501 New Not There City site plan development
13032502 New Not There City site plan development

15032501   ICM Circus Domitiae Circus Hadriani first state plans images attached   2110i103

16032501   Fruchter House plan site plan 2200x1100 NNTC IQ64   217ji03
16032502   Villa Savoye Shadowed plan model site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2407i04




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