24 March

1699 Martin Grünberg became royal director of buildings at Berlin, Prussia

1808 first stone laid of Alexandre Théodore Brongniart's Bourse (Exchange), in Paris
1818 death of Humphrey Repton

Le Corbusier's L'Eglise Saint-Pierre

subliminal (philosophical) reenactments
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Re: Preserving listed buildings - on computers
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Rita Novel about Barnes
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Re: Traditional Architecture
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Old school - when it was done manually - anyone care to share some old work?
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24 March
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Le Corbusier's L'Eglise Saint-Pierre     2189

A great 20th century monument of incompletion.

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Response to Donna, re: Traditional Architecture
5th Year Studio Projects, Fall 1980, critics: Allen Greenberg, John Christopher Knowles.
Seeds of what ultimately became Quondam 1996.
3133 elements for a House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3134 schematic sketches

3135 House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel
3120o transformations
3120p Court Gardner's House - Römischer Bäder :: Museum of Architecture
3120q museumification
3120r Museum of Architecture, Venice
3120s ...in their respective positions throughout the museum.
3120t Museum of Architecture : : Fragment Museum
In preparation for a forthcoming Quondam exhibition of "The Philadelphia School," just yesterday I began (re)reading Scully's Louis I. Kahn (1962) where we see Kahn's early 1920s Beaux Arts architectural education being somewhat of a hindrance during the 1930s and 1940s, but then significantly informing the beginnings of his mature design work from the 1950s onward. And, by the late 1950s we begin to see the influence of Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius, e.g. First Unitarian Church, scheme 1, 1959; Salk Institute Meeting House, 1959; Bristol Town Hall, 1960.

2000.03.24 15:26
subliminal (philosophical) reenactments
It just occurred to me that the notion of reenactment is an integral part of Western philosophy's very beginnings. Without being explicit about it, Plato nonetheless exercised reenactment in many of his texts. Of course, I'm referring to the Socratic dialogues first, the cave second.

040324a Ottopia base map
040324b Ottopia Palace of Ottopia  
040324c Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 plans  
040324d Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 plans
040324e Ottopia Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 plans  
040324f Cooper & Pratt House plan
040324g Palace of Ottopia Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House plans
040324h Ottopia, Palace of Ottopia, Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House plans  
040324i skeleton with circle/square juncture
040324j skeleton Porticus Neronianiae with circle/square juncture
040324k Ottopia skeleton/circle/square juncture
040324l skeleton Porticus Neronianiae circle/square juncture
040324m Ottopia skeleton, Porticus Neronianiae circle/square juncture
040324n Ottopia Palace of Ottopia, Maison Millennium 001 Cooper & Pratt House skeleton, Porticus Nerioaniae, circle/square juncture  

060324a Axis of Life/B.F. Parkway plans

13032401 New Not There City site plan development
13032402 IQ08, mirror-copy plan
13032403 New Not There City site plan development

15032401   Novel Architecturale IQ01 plans   3392ui05




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