Quondam: a virtual museum of architecture   3120
the building was once again put on display   3120b
me architect?   3120c
Alexandre Lenoir and the Musée des monuments français   3120d

The new Museum of Architecture contains   3120e
Circular Chapel of S. Pietro in Montorio   3120f
The Tempietto within the Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen   3120g

A selection of buildings erected from the designs of J. Soane...   3120h
Architectural Visions of Early Fancy and Dreams in the Evening of Life   3120i

Roma Interrotta: Sector IV / Urban Components   3120j
International Planning Competition for Berlin   3120k
On Criticism, etc.   3120l
First Virtual House of the 20th Century   3120m
immersion in reflection   3120n

transformations   3120o
Court Gardner's House - Römischer Bäder :: Museum of Architecture   3120p

museumification   3120q
Museum of Architecture, Venice   3120r
...in their respective positions throughout the museum.   3120s
Museum of Architecture : : Fragment Museum   3120t

Hall of Architecture   3120u
architecture on display   3120v

"...looking for the double theater that is probably even more there."   3120w
The absolute rule of architecture is...   3120x

museums merged   3120y

notes towards a virtual museum of architecture   3120z

seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration   3121
seeking precedents... ...finding inspiration   3121b

Arcadia is proud to present...   3121c
Palais des Congrès: Building and Site   3121d
Palais des Congrès: East and West Elevations   3121g
Palais des Congrès: Level 3 Axonometric   3121j
Palais des Congrès: Level 3   3121l
Palais des Congrès: Level 4 Axonometric   3121r
Palais des Congrès: Level 4   3121t
Palais des Congrès: Villa Savoye Comparison   3121z
Palais des Congrès: Ramp/Architectural Promenade   3122f
Palais des Congrès: Ramp/Architectural Promenade   3122i
Palais des Congrès: Roof/Architectural Promenade   3122l
Palais des Congrès: Auditorium and Stage   3122o
Palais des Congrès: John Hejduk Comparison   3122q

Maison Dom-ino Legacy   3122s

Looking Back from the End of the Road   3122t
Ramps Give a Slant on Design; Re: parking ramp!   3122u
1111 Lincoln Road   3122v
Hypostyle   3122w
Hypostyle   3122x
Hypostyle   3122y

dossier Promenade Architecturale   3122z
Promenade Architecturale: A Documentation, Part I : The Background   3123
letter to India - the formula   3123b
letters from/to India   3123c
Danteum   3123d
promenade architecturale architecture   3123e
The Pantheon   3123f
Museum am Lustgarten (Altes Museum)   3123g
Pagan - Christian Triumphal Way 5.1   3123h
Pagan - Christian Triumphal Way 5.2   3123i
Pagan - Christian Triumphal Way 5.3   3123j
Pagan - Christian Triumphal Way 5.4   3123k
dossier Promenade Architecturale   3123l

A (pre) Virtual Museum of Architecture   3123m

Green Enfilade House   3123n

Concerning architecture work...   3123o

Ichnographia Campus Martius plus ultra   3123p
Ichnographia Campus Martius plus ultra   3123q

Schinkel's Berlin: quondam intentions   3123r
Chronology of Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Works   3123s
Sammlung Architektonischer Entwürfe
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Seroux d'Agincourt -- museum of architecture   3124z
The History of Art through Its Monuments from Its Decline in the Fourth Century to Its Renewal in the Sixteenth   3125

Recueil et Parallèle des Édifices de tout genre, Anciens et Modernes   3128

record of Le Corbusier architecture, etc.   3132
Architecture and Scale notes   3133   b
Piranesian gigantism   3135
tallest of their time   3136
a series of contemporary plans at the same scale   3137
[scale] ideas   3138
circle/square man in Villa Rotonda   3138b
composite elevation drawings   3138c
changing x, y, and z scales - St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert   3138d
changing x, y, and z scales - Dominican Motherhouse   3138e
changing x, y, and z scales - Hurva Synagogue   3138f
changing x, y, and z scales - UNEP Headquarters   3138g
Michelangelo's horizontal window   3138j
regarding the Hurva Synagogue   3138k
regarding the Museum of Arts and Crafts   3138l
regarding St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert   3138m
regarding the Museum of Knowledge   3138n
regarding the Governor's Palace   3138o
regarding the Parliament Building for Islamabad   3138p
regarding the Wallraf-Richartz Museum   3138q
regarding Capital Park West   3138r

metabolizing the existing data   3139
a book entitled Not There   3140
segue to digital museum   3141
model projects   3141j
Gooding House and Altes Museum comparison and contrast   3141k
Altes Museum - virtual redux   3141l
new urban landscapes   3141m
[new] Not There [city]   3141n
comparative plans by architect   3141o

dossier: quondam museum   3142   b   c   d   e

The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect   3142t   u   v   w
A Very Special Museum   3142x   y   z

Morphosis Exhibit   3143
Eisenman Exhibit   3144
Tschumi Exhibit   3145

a 'real' virtual architecture in them   3146   b

Forms and Functions of 20th Century Architecture   3147   b

Quondam as some strange un-scientific fiction architectur(al novel?)   3155   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p




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