11 September

1327 Lorenzo Maitani again at Perugia

big sign now gone
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architecture in cyberspace?
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if it's not there, it's here
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the concept of surface
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Future Trends in Architecture
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First SketchUp, now Gehry Technologies - Trimble makes another big acquisition
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The End of History?
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1998.09.11 10:06
big sign now gone
With all the recent discussion here regarding Venturi, signage, semiotics, etc., I thought it worthwhile mentioning that the Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown big BASCO building sign (in Northeast Philadelphia) is now gone. The demolition (which is what I assume happened) occurred fairly recently.
The building was bought by BEST soon after BASCO "built" the sign in the early eighties. Since BEST went out of business in the early nineties, the building and its big alphabet sign have been derelict.
It is indeed sad to see such a perfect example of "theory into practice" architecture relegated to the virtual existence of photographs.
Perhaps one lesson to learn here is that whenever architectural design is so closely tied to commercialism and consumerism, then its fate as something fleeting is almost guaranteed.

1999.09.11 16:24
architecture in cyberspace?
Young suggests:
Perhaps it will be unlike anything on earth, as B. boldly suggests, it may exist only the electromagnetic spectrum, the bandwidth beyond human comprehension as we perceive it, that is until we are reeducated from the ground up to see architecture that hovers, moves at the speed of light, appears and disappears as fast an on/off gate, is indistinguishable from humans who once "inhabited" it as other.
Lauf wonders:
Can anything other than light travel at the speed of light? Would those electric waves of radiation and those magnetic waves of radiation that compose light be light at any other speed? Doesn't being at the speed of light pretty much make everything else incidental?
Does anyone know how the speed of brain synapses compare to the speed of light?

2008.09.11 07:50
the concept of surface
Tad Hertz, Coming Apart at the Seamless: dissecting architectural superficiality, 2008.09.11.

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2014.09.11 09:45
First SketchUp, now Gehry Technologies - Trimble makes another big acquisition
...wondering whether Trimble saw Gehry Technologies as competition or as something they were incapable of doing themselves. I imagine Gehry Technologies is altogether something unique, uniquely specialized and uniquely relevant within the industry that it couldn't help but be desirable.

2014.09.11 09:45
The End of History?
"Most prevalent in our time: the assimilating imagination, the metabolic imagination."
It's still over a millennium before the osmotic imagination and the electro-magnetic imagination are the most prevalent. Humanity's furthest reach occurs almost exactly the year 4000. But then the ultimate cut-off happens 4371, which ushers in approximately 1780 years of all-frequency imagination. And after that humanity is simply a nimiety of keratin. »»»»

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