2 October

313 a synod in Rome regarding the Donatist controversy convenes within the Lateran Palace

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Grubbtown Soldiers Memorial

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Someone should tell...
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innovative program
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07100201 Cut & Paste Museum plan

Reenactionary Architecturism
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Resisting Formalism
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Information Architects Talking About Architects and Architecture
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aspatiality at work
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2 October
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14100201 ICA House Ury context model plan
14100202 ICA House Acropolis Q Eclectic Houses Ury context models plans
14100301 Kennedy Plaza plan with plan image attached

Rowan Moore on Zaha Hadid
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2007: Figure out a way to make the new arrivals famous for 15 minutes. Perhaps ongoing guest spots on a perpetual reality NYC/TV show with lots of sink or swim competitions and flash-in-the-pan stuff. Fleeting fame really is the new normality. 2000 being [an] architectur[al] Duchamp . . . living in a large 3D painting, in a hyper painting, being in a hyperzone, within an environment of many unknown factors . . . "the working title museum" . . . how people will buy their art and architecture in the future . . . Rita Novel Tea [room] - a book of cult fiction . . . the self evident need for architecture publishing to manifest and/or embrace a paradigm shift from magazines and journals to digital publishing.


2002: I wanted to created something that would manifest endurance and determination, so I lightly scored three large museum boards with pencil lines spaced 3/16" apart which resulted with 317 40" long demarcated spaces running down the length of each board. From here the mission was to simply fill each line of space from edge to edge with hand-written text using a Pelican Graphos pen with nib A.1. I had to lay on the board(s) on the floor of my living room in order to write, and the text records whatever came into my mind at the exact time that I was working/writing on the project. It did not take long for this 'self portrait' to also often act as a confessional.                         2009: Does that perhaps mean that architects have an aversion to being cognitively challenged by virtual worlds? 2012: space time continuum     space time discontinuum     aspatial atemporal discontinuum     aspatial atemporal continuum     (xsquared + 2xy + ysquared) x (xcubed + 3xsquaredy + 3ysquaredx + ycubed) marks the spot, maybe.     the expeditious expedition     had flags and colors and birds     and waves of hands     and waves of seas     they embarked     with the goal to please     All reality is relative to the size of its container     all irreality is relative to the holes in the container     we are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless                         2008: [architectural] Pliancy, apt.     [using] Formalism [as criticism], inapt.     [architectural] Formalism is not altogether inept, however.

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15100202   Pantheon PSAoCRI Garden of Satire IQ plans   3392ui46
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1968: death of Marcel Duchamp




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