7 November

1499 Martin Chambiges was invited to attend consultations in Paris concerning the reconstruction of the Pont Notre Dame

1854 death of Peter von Nobile
1878 death of Frederick Pepys Cockerell

Re: Colin Rowe
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Encyclopedia Ichnographica
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Baroque Intuition?
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Re: two for the road
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dance of shiva
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Re: on Charlie Rose tonight
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Miralles and Pinos
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New MVRDV high Rise in Copenhagen
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Quondam's Fifteenth Anniversary
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7 November
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Reinier de Graaf: "The western architectural ivory tower has become a theatre of the absurd"
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1-star Amazon reviews of famous architecture texts
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Re: two for the road
I like what you say about not recalling "another film that, structurally, collages space and time in that particular way." Two for the Road does indeed collage space and time, but I was never sure how unique its particular method of cinematically doing so might be. In any case, it's worth noting that the collage here very effectively relates a narrative, specifically a 'modern' life narrative. Is the film's "collage of space and time" a (romantic) reflection (i.e., mirror) of modern life itself?
Could it be that the age old narrative journey motif's (Homeric epic) modern replacement is the narrative 'vehicle' motif?

Paul wrote:
How does evolution work? My understanding is that it requires a mutant, an individual who diverges from the norm, who may adapt more advantageously to conditions and producing progeny with new characteristics. This is evolutionary change. The system doesn't mutate. It is INDIVIDUALS who are mutants.
Steve adds:
This is very interesting, and I like the conciseness. Germane to the ('beginnings' of) the Baroque, it makes me think of Martin Luther as very much a mutant/mutinous Roman Catholic. Besides his 95 theses, Luther also thereafter translated the New Testament and then the Old Testament into German for the first time--the Bible linguistically mutated, if you will.

2008.11.07 13:37
New MVRDV high Rise in Copenhagen

School of Intemperate Cantileverage

Home Depot Home Kit?

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14110701 NNTC/Parkway model work
14110702 mesh surface wireframe cleanup
14110703 Casa Collage 001 plan redraw started scan plan
14110704 Commerce Square model for CC Philadelphia model
14110705 Villa dall'Ava model work started
14110706 Wall House 2 model rotated worm's eye axonometric
14110707 Library 2 kit of parts model work

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